Just a Little Catch Up

Happy August!!

I can’t believe we only have a few more weeks of summer! School starts for us on August 25th this year, so early!! We have had such a fun, and super crazy summer! As of this Wednesday I will officially have a 10 year old. I can’t believe my sweet girl is going to actually be 10! Time flies!! Everyone will tell you that in the blink of an eye your kids are adults, and I actually believe them now. Where the heck has the time gone???

I try to live in the moment as often as I can, but I have found myself being a total nag to my kids this summer. It sounds a little something like this, “Stop fighting, separate from each other, use your manners, did you really just do that, we will not do anything fun unless you two work on getting along”. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I realize that they feed off of my energy, but sometimes I just can’t keep my cool. Ugg I keep telling them that one day they will be each other’s best friend, and will move mountains to be there for each other. Until then I will do my best to love them.:)

I have been lucky enough to go on a few fantastic trips this summer. Having just returned from Cape Cod, and the best girls weekend. I feel so blessed to have a life filled with so much love! Sometimes your sibling might marry someone you may not be very fond of (which is a total bummer), I am lucky enough to be gaining a true sister, and her amazing family. We had such a great time filled with lots of laughs!! If you ever get the chance to visit Cape Cod, you should absolutely go! We had the luxury of getting a personalized tour. There is an incredible amount of history there…..

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I have come across so many things I want to share with you!

We bought our home two years ago, and we are just now beginning to think about making some changes. I have been searching and searching for the right window covering for our sliding glass door in our TV room. Nothing seemed to fit! I came across this sliding track system at Ikea, and so far I like these better than anything else we have tried. You can find them here. This is a fabulous, inexpensive way to try out a new look. I have pics of the before an after, but the lighting in the room made it difficult to capture a light image.



On my last trip to Target, I discovered the Nate Berkus line. You can see my new doggie toy basket in the corner of the above pic. This line includes some fun, inexpensive pieces you can use to update your decor.


On the same Target trip I picked up a new paid button down top. I am loving all the plaid, it takes me back to the 90’s, and my 90210 days (I just dated myself). I can’t seem to find a link for this Merona top, but I am loving this Free People Plaid Top as well! It’s on sale for 2 more days with the Nordstrom Anni Sale!

While you are checking out the last few days of the Nordy’s sale, be sure not to miss these super cute flats! Love them in the pale pink and black!

I have completely jumped on the Nuxe Body Oil bandwagon. The Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse can be used on your face, hair, and body. It has a clean, fresh, beachy scent. I love dabbing it on my face for a instant glow, or on the shoulders after a day at the beach. The best part is that Target recently started carrying the whole Nuxe Paris line, which is amazing!

As soon as school starts, and we are on a more consistent schedule, I am def trying Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. I love the idea of having two new meal ideas introduced into our household every week. The idea of not having to shop for or come up these meal ideas sounds lovely!

Have you jumped on the triple strand necklace trend yet? I am totally hooked. I have been wearing this one every day. I love that I can wear them separately or all together.

IMG_4338 IMG_4344

I have been a department store make-up girl for a long time now, but recently I have been mixing it up with drugstore buys as well. This under eye concealer is a great addition to add to the mix. I actually use this MAC concealer first and then dab the other on top, but I have major under eye circles, so this is probably not necessary for most!

I love changing my hair color fairly often. Check out this fun new color idea! What the heck is tortoiseshell??? 

Just in time for a Sunday run to Costco, here are COSTCO’S BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS from Refinery 29.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!!




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