On my radar



I  noticed this pic on Facebook today, and thought it was quite appropriate since we are headed on a little family adventure, for I’s and M’s spring break. N and I have had several discussions about whether to take the kids anywhere for their break. We are doing a lot of traveling throughout the rest of the year, so we knew that if we did anything it would have to be something simple.

Ultimately we decided to take an overnight trip. Our kids are growing so fast, and I feel like we have to take every opportunity to do something memorable as a family. So off the Disneyland we go!!

I wanted to share with you a few things that are on my radar at the moment:

1. Easy Spring recipes- Made this Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad the other night. It was easy, super filling, and full of great flavors.



I added pink grapefruit from this yummy recipe


to the Sriracha Chicken salad (weird I know), but it was so tasty with the Himalayan salt, and citrus dressing.

2. Anything blush or nude colored- especially tank tops and heels. I love this look by Damsel in Dior!

C1200_PK5947 ok

Love the new Hawaii polish collection by OPI.  Check out Do you take Lei Away?.


3. Everything Floral- You can find all three of these items at Nordstroms.  The off-the-shoulder look is making a huge comeback.

_9912561 _10173586 _10081345

Hope everyone remembers to wear green!! I just hung bags of gold chocolate coins on both kids’ door handles. The lucky leprechaun has been here to spread the love!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!




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