Can you believe the first week of March has already passed? We are headed into opening day weekend for softball, and rookies. I am so excited about all of the fun and exciting things we have coming up!

I had to share all of the new spring things I am loving!


I received two bracelets from my favorite new brand, Bourbon and Boweties, for my birthday. I am not sure that I could ever have enough of these stackable beauties. I plan on adding a few more to my collection soon! They are so versatile, and comfortable to wear. I love small business success stories, and this brand is definitely one to follow!


If you are looking to have a cheat day, make these decadent baked bloomin’ apples! They were scrumptious! Trader Joes has the best salted caramels, and greek yogurt vanilla ice cream to top. I found the recipe here. I promise you will not be disappointed.



My first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  As soon as I saw the “Rodillo Wedge”, I knew I had to have them. The laser cut-outs, wedge heel, and lace up ties made them an instant favorite, and the fact that they are comfortable to walk in is a bonus!


Free gifts always feel like such a treat. I love going to Sephora during my birthday month, to pick up my Beauty Insider birthday gift. I stopped by to pick up the face peel I spoke about here. I also picked up a sample of the Algenist Tripe Action Micropolish & Peel, which feels like a great exfoliating scrub that leaves your face feeling so smooth and clean.

My lovely birthday gift included this pack of two Nars lip pencils, Rikugien, a satin mauve color, and Dragon Girl, a matte siren red color. I probably would never have purchased these two pencils on my own, but I really love how easy they are to apply, and the rich colors.


Cardamom is my favorite spice. I love the way it smells and tastes. Maybe it’s my middle eastern heritage that makes me love this intoxicating scent. It has such an exotic quality to it. I wish more beauty products and skincare companies scented their goods with cardamom. I am searching for a good cardamom lotion…..anyone???

IMG_3329 IMG_3330

Typically my shoe wardrobe consists of Converse, flip-flops, and athletic shoes. It was time for me to add a few new pairs to the fun, date night, section of my closet. These Vince Camuto heels are great with just about everything.


I picked up this Bobbie Brown Lip Balm  with my mom recently. This rose scented thick balm, is great for not only your lips, but for any dry spot on your face. If I feel like my eye make-up settles into my lines too much, I use a little of this to hydrate. It is not greasy or sticky, and is long lasting.



Ok so this was one of those impulse I am standing in the check-out lane, and starving buys. Whoever thought of this mixture is a genius! Salty pretzels, with chewy cranberries, crunchy spicy ginger cookie, almonds, rice crispies, and covering them in white chocolate =perfection!! This did not help my cutting out more sugar diet!

On a side note, I have been thinking a lot lately about my path in life. Growing up I had such a strong passion for certain directions. Somewhere along the way, I lacked the confidence to pursue those more complex roads. As an adult, it is difficult to think about pursuing those ideas now. I feel that I am finally coming into my own, and am beginning to think about what life could look like. I feel extremely fulfilled as a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend, but I have begun thinking about all the years I will have on my own, when my children leave the nest. I only hope that I will be able to give my children the tools they need to pursue those hard to reach goals, and to believe in themselves.

The potentials are endless!! We have to always remind ourselves of that!

Happy Saturday!




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