I’m feeling Crafty






Hi there,

The kids are out of school, and N has been out-of-town for the last few days. I have been in a cleaning and crafting mode. All junk drawers are cleaned out, and the kids and I have been crafting for the past several days. We have done everything from the oven bake clay jewelry dishes, to color by number Ninja Turtle drawings, and a little Christmas house building in between. What a great way to spend some downtime with my kids. We cranked up the tunes, and did a lot of singing and laughing!

I discovered this wine bottle craft idea awhile ago, and thought it would be a fun piece to add to our holiday decor. It is a fairly simple project, and includes emptying wine bottles as part of the process.:)

You will need:


-4 wine bottles

-clear tacky glue

-two different colors of yarn, one coarse brown roll, and one white or cream

-a third roll of yarn to make the “e”

-paintbrush for the glue

-felt for making felt flowers

-jewels for the center of the flowers, and for creating the “v”

-4 fake leaf pieces to go in each bottle

-flowers for the “o”

-glue gun


Paint a thin layer of glue around the top section of the bottle. Start at the top with your yarn, and work your way down, painting a layer of glue under each section. Please excuse the terrible picture!


Repeat with all four bottles.


Cut four small spirals out of one piece of felt.



Start from the center of the spiral, and begin to hot glue and wrap around the center until you have completed your flower. Repeat three times.


Glue one jewel in the center of each flower.

Attach all three to the first bottle to form the “l”

Decorate the other three bottles in any way you like. You can use buttons, burlap, jewels, etc.



I love how this turned out! It is such a fun, rustic way to decorate.

I finished my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, and am looking forward to having a great week with family!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week!




2 thoughts on “I’m feeling Crafty

  1. I really love the plates and how much fun to make them with children. I think I will borrow some children and have some creative time of my own!


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