Sweatshirt Love

Happy Friday!!

Thanks for sticking with me through this blogging experience! The past few weeks have been ridiculously busy! On the evenings in which I may have time to write a few lines, I have been so exhausted. Watching mindless television, and zoning out seems to be all I can handle. Between working during the day, field trips, after school activities, and endless soccer games (which I happen to love), there are not enough hours in the day for anything else! The great thing is that our lives are so full! I feel such a sense of gratitude when I think about all of the wonderful people who fill our lives each day! I feel such a sense of community in our little neighborhood, and I am beginning to feel the same about our children’s new school. Yay!!

So as you can see from my previous blog posts, posting pictures of myself is not really my thing. It was my plan today to share pics of all the fabulous new sweatshirts out there, including my new favorite. I had N take two pictures of me in this said sweatshirt. Neither are great, in fact one is in a parking lot with cars behind me (epic fail), at least the other pic has my sweet babes in it.

IMG_2523 IMG_2540

I am loving this fun print sweatshirt from Loft. I happened to pick this up during one of their 50% off entire store sales. For those of you that are not familiar with Ann Taylor Loft, you should know that they run sales regularly, and you should never pay full price for anything there. Here are several others I am loving:

In order from top left:

1. Halogen Embellished Sweatshirt

2. Anthropologie Spangled Sweatshirt

3. Pleione Knit Woven Trim Sweatshirt

4. Jcrew Oversized sweatshirt in Exploded Floral

5. Jcrew Jeweled Raglan

6. Loft Starburst Jeweled Sweatshirt

7. Jcrew Studded Sweatshirt

8. Loft Sparkle Embellished Sweatshirt

9. Loft Sheer Lace Sweatshirt

If you are like me, you have purchased every pumpkin item from Trader Joe’s, and you are living in jeans, and stylish sweatshirts. Hope you enjoy my sweatshirt picks! Happy Shopping!




3 thoughts on “Sweatshirt Love

  1. I know this might sound crazy but I was in Walmart last night and they had some of the cutest embellished sweaters I have seen in a while.

    I love your top.


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