A Little Q & A

Cooking: Just made the best Tortilla Soup, and Paleo Pumpkin Pie Tarts yesterday, both turned out AMAZING! I should point out on the soup recipe, I used Rotisserie Chicken, and Pasilla Peppers instead of Poblano.

IMG_2475 IMG_2474

Making : A new fall wreath for our front door. It will hopefully look like this, look for pics on this soon.
Drinking :As often as is acceptable, Vodka Tonics with fresh Lemon.
Reading:Bright Side by Kim Holden
Wanting:Fall weather, and an entire family vacation, and being able to look into a crystal ball that tells the future would be great too.                               Looking:At my computer screen.                                                           Playing:As often as possible. Our family Disneyland change jar is filling up. It is almost time to visit The Happiest Place on Earth!!!
Wasting:Money on face products that promise miracles.
Sewing:Nothing, this is me we are talking about. A button is as far as I go.
Wishing:I could have everyone I love in one place at the same time.               Enjoying:Watching my children grow to love playing team sports, particularly soccer.
Waiting:To figure out my true purpose in life. I have pretty ambitious dreams. I only wish I had started working on them a bit earlier on in life.
Liking: My husband at the moment.                                             Wondering:Where we will end up. I used to think I would live in the same place the entire time my children are growing up. Life is constantly changing, and never turns out exactly the way we planned. It will be fun to see where we are when our kids graduate from high school. i am looking forward to the adventure along the way.
Loving:That my children sing so passionately in the car. Who knew they could rap?
Hoping:That it rains. I am already tired of hearing about how we should report our neighbors for wasting water. Seriously who would do that????
Marvelling:At this lovely Fossil Watch.
Smelling: The ocean from my desk. I feel so lucky to be able to work so close to the ocean.                                                                                             Wearing: Loft embroidered white tank, Gap Navy and White stripped open cardi, Chicos Dark Blue skinny jeans, and Steve Madden nude sandals with gold spikes.
Following: Against All Grain blog, such great recipes.
Noticing: That my kids are the happiest when N and I are happy.               Knowing: I am so overdue for a haircut. Wendy at Indigo Spa is Awesome!!
Thinking:That these last few weeks have been tough, and I have so much to be thankful for.                                                                                           Opening:A new bottle of Vinylux topcoat. It really is that awesome.         Giggling:At the cowbell skit from SNL that my husband had me watch.

Inspired by Keira, who was inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip.


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