Portland Adventures

Portland Getaway 
Hi there!
Last week my mom and I went on a little adventure to visit my brother and his fiancé in Portland, Oregon. It always feels like such a treat to go on a little mini vacation! Here was my view as I backed out of my driveway at 5:00 in the morning. My hubby woke up to carry my bag downstairs, and my babes made me promise I would wake them up to say goodbye. Even though you can barely see them, the three of them made me feel so loved.


Portland has my favorite Stumptown coffee. I loved sitting in my jammies, drinking coffee, and staring out the window at the leaves that are just beginning to change colors. Have I said how much I love fall?


IMG_2413 IMG_2412


We made a stop at this fabulous shoe store Halo, in the Pearl District. I am drooling over these shoes! Every pair was handmade, and work of art!





We ran by the co-op close to my parents apartment, and I came across this amazing smelling chapstick by Soothing Touch. One of the ingredients is Cardamom, which is my absolute favorite smelling spice. This is definitely a new favorite!






I had the chance to visit Salt and Straw. It was hands down the best ice cream I have ever had. OMG seriously amazing! I ordered a mixture of Coconut with Petunia’s Salted Caramel Bars, which by the way is dairy free and Vegan, and Oregon Rocky Road. I can’t wait to go back!


IMG_2438 IMG_2439


I am slightly obsessed with this next item. Did you know there is a new fruit called a Kiwi Berry? I often do not buy kiwi’s because I hate to peel them. Here is a new version, grown only in the Northwest, and Chile. These delicious treats are the size of a kumquat, and require no peeling, but look and taste identical to a standard kiwi. Who knew?


IMG_2408 IMG_2410



My brother always happens to know about these random hideaways. He mentioned that he would like to take us out for a Spanish Coffee after dinner one evening. Little did I know that meant Barcardi 151, and fire, lol.




These are a few of my favorite people. We may not all live close to each other, but I love seeing you every chance I get! Thanks for making the trip so fun!!
IMG_2424-0 IMG_2421 
P.S. Included below are links to everything in my Portland Getaway image. If you are ever in doubt about what to wear in Portland, as long as you are dressed in comfortable clothes, and ready for rain, you will be set!!

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