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Hi there!

Sometimes I read other peoples blogs and Facebook posts, and imagine people to have fabulous lives, with perfectly clean houses, frequent exotic vacations, families that cooperate 100% of the time, the “perfect” lives. SO just in case you ever think I live in la la land, the place where everything is perfectly perfect, I am here to tell you, they are not. I am normal and scatterbrained and some days just a total mess. Lucky for me the people who love me are forgiving and gentle with me. Some days I feel like hiding under the covers, and having a good cry.

Now that I have that off my chest, how about some Wednesday Instagram Randomness?

IMG_2259             IMG_2260

We have been talking about having a “drop zone” in our house for awhile now. It was one of my Pinterest dreams. Our kids come home from school or sports, walk in the door, and immediately drop everything. Our laundry room was always a disaster. My wonderfully handy hubby is great at doing these projects. I am always so impressed at the end result. This time was no different. Off he went to Home Depot for wood and paint, and several hours later, we have this masterpiece. I am LOVING it!




Baked Eggs is quickly becoming a favorite breakfast recipe. Unfortunately this picture does not convey how yummy these were! Here is the recipe. I omitted the heavy cream for a slightly healthier option. Marinara, olive oil, and a little parm, yummo!!




A few weeks ago I mentioned the Vinylux brand nail polish. It is hands down my favorite polish in the universe. Sally Hansen came out with a similar version recently that I couldn’t wait to try. In my opinion there is no comparison. The price is exactly the same for both brands. Vinylux wins hands down in the texture, shine, and durability departments.



My children love to play hide and seek. Somehow my closet always seems like the best, top secret place to hide. This is what my clothes look like after they are finished. Looks like a great place for a doggie nap.




Once and a blue moon my husband and I have date nights at the movies. In San Diego we have this amazing theatre called “Cinepolis”. It feels like such an indulgence to have movie night here. I LOVE the comfy power recliners! The icing on the cake is the fact that I can have a cocktail, AND hummus and veggie plate, all brought to my personal table while watching the movie. SERIOUSLY THE BEST!



These guys were all over the beach the other day. They are called Velella Velella. They are jellyfish that have this amazing vertical crest that acts as their sail. Such beautiful creatures with the most exquisite shimmery blue coloring.

IMG_2240      IMG_2241

This is my favorite place to have sushi in San Diego. The view is perfect, they have a fantastic lunch menu, and if I am here, it means I am probably having a lunch date with my hubby. If you ever get here, the shrimp shumai, and sumo soup are not to be missed!


Happy Wednesday!




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