This and That

Just this morning while taking a walk, I was thinking about my life, and the current state of things. I overheard two gentleman having a conversation. It went something like this, “How are you doing today”? The other man responded, “Two arms, two legs, above ground, better than the alternative”. What a great reminder! I felt grateful to be walking by at that moment. You never know where you will find answers.

Often times I take for granted the little things in life. It may not always be easy, lets face it most of the time it’s not, but there are many beautiful, wonderful things to be thankful for. There will always be hardship, and situations will arise that make you question everything.

I recently had a friend of mine make a general comment in regards to blogging. She basically stated that she does not read most blogs because she doesn’t feel that the blogger may be a leader in the industry, and therefore qualified to give advice. This got me thinking about whether or not I have answered the “why” question in my own blog.

I am a someone who has a passion for life, and I want to share my love of anything and everything. I am doing this because it is a step in a direction that I would like to take my life. I want to enjoy the little things, and share my story with anyone that feels like listening. I am not claiming to be an expert on anything except me and my life. I have spent many years spending too much time on what other people think about me and my life choices. Life is too short to let all of the negativity and opinions get to you.

Aside from my passion for my children and family, I happen to love discovering the latest fashions, and beauty products. I love to cook, and try new things. I love adventure of any kind, with my family, husband, or all on my own. What you will find here is a glimpse into my life, and either it will interest you or it won’t, and that is ok too. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of me on this journey!!

Staying true to this journey, I thought I would leave you with my favorite find of the moment. I am not into hunting, or camping, but this seasons camo pieces are quickly becoming a favorite. I love the simplicity of this slightly sheer Loft sweater. It is a great neutral top for fall, perfect with your go to jeans.

loft pic


Hope you have a great week!!






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