Friday Randomness


I love this time of year! All of the fashion Mags are coming out with their huge September Issues! I picked up a couple the other day, and I thought I would post a few things I am loving at the moment!

Sorel boots have always been on my list of winter favorites. Now that I live in San Diego, I really don’t have a need for heavy snow boots. In the past few years, Sorel has really stepped up their women’s boot offerings. I am loving both of these!


sorel 2sorel slim shortie

Urban Decay’s Naked 2 eyeshadow palette has always been one of my favs. Maybelline has just come out with their version at a fraction of the cost!


Urban Decay Naked 2  Maybelline-The-Nudes-Makeup 2

I have been eyeing this Madewell tote. It seemed a little pricey to me at $168. It is a beautiful bag, and I love the two tone look. I ended up coming across this Street Level Nordstrom tote which is a third of the price of the Madewell one, comes in 4 colors, and is reversible. I purchased the black bag with the tan reversible inside.  It also comes with a cute little zippered pouch to hold make-up, etc.. I know you can’t tell by the pics, but they are the same size, large enough to hold even a lap-top.



Madwell Transport ToteNordstrom Street Level Reversible Tote


I am loving these Missoni Chuck Taylor’s! I love the print, so fun to wear with boyfriend jeans, maxi dresses, etc.. Now, how to decide which pair??

Converse Missoni Chuck Taylors Mediterrean Converse Missioni Stone


Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!





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