Just a Little Catch Up

Happy August!!

I can’t believe we only have a few more weeks of summer! School starts for us on August 25th this year, so early!! We have had such a fun, and super crazy summer! As of this Wednesday I will officially have a 10 year old. I can’t believe my sweet girl is going to actually be 10! Time flies!! Everyone will tell you that in the blink of an eye your kids are adults, and I actually believe them now. Where the heck has the time gone???

I try to live in the moment as often as I can, but I have found myself being a total nag to my kids this summer. It sounds a little something like this, “Stop fighting, separate from each other, use your manners, did you really just do that, we will not do anything fun unless you two work on getting along”. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I realize that they feed off of my energy, but sometimes I just can’t keep my cool. Ugg I keep telling them that one day they will be each other’s best friend, and will move mountains to be there for each other. Until then I will do my best to love them.:)

I have been lucky enough to go on a few fantastic trips this summer. Having just returned from Cape Cod, and the best girls weekend. I feel so blessed to have a life filled with so much love! Sometimes your sibling might marry someone you may not be very fond of (which is a total bummer), I am lucky enough to be gaining a true sister, and her amazing family. We had such a great time filled with lots of laughs!! If you ever get the chance to visit Cape Cod, you should absolutely go! We had the luxury of getting a personalized tour. There is an incredible amount of history there…..

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I have come across so many things I want to share with you!

We bought our home two years ago, and we are just now beginning to think about making some changes. I have been searching and searching for the right window covering for our sliding glass door in our TV room. Nothing seemed to fit! I came across this sliding track system at Ikea, and so far I like these better than anything else we have tried. You can find them here. This is a fabulous, inexpensive way to try out a new look. I have pics of the before an after, but the lighting in the room made it difficult to capture a light image.



On my last trip to Target, I discovered the Nate Berkus line. You can see my new doggie toy basket in the corner of the above pic. This line includes some fun, inexpensive pieces you can use to update your decor.


On the same Target trip I picked up a new paid button down top. I am loving all the plaid, it takes me back to the 90’s, and my 90210 days (I just dated myself). I can’t seem to find a link for this Merona top, but I am loving this Free People Plaid Top as well! It’s on sale for 2 more days with the Nordstrom Anni Sale!

While you are checking out the last few days of the Nordy’s sale, be sure not to miss these super cute flats! Love them in the pale pink and black!

I have completely jumped on the Nuxe Body Oil bandwagon. The Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse can be used on your face, hair, and body. It has a clean, fresh, beachy scent. I love dabbing it on my face for a instant glow, or on the shoulders after a day at the beach. The best part is that Target recently started carrying the whole Nuxe Paris line, which is amazing!

As soon as school starts, and we are on a more consistent schedule, I am def trying Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. I love the idea of having two new meal ideas introduced into our household every week. The idea of not having to shop for or come up these meal ideas sounds lovely!

Have you jumped on the triple strand necklace trend yet? I am totally hooked. I have been wearing this one every day. I love that I can wear them separately or all together.

IMG_4338 IMG_4344

I have been a department store make-up girl for a long time now, but recently I have been mixing it up with drugstore buys as well. This under eye concealer is a great addition to add to the mix. I actually use this MAC concealer first and then dab the other on top, but I have major under eye circles, so this is probably not necessary for most!

I love changing my hair color fairly often. Check out this fun new color idea! What the heck is tortoiseshell??? 

Just in time for a Sunday run to Costco, here are COSTCO’S BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS from Refinery 29.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!!



This and That

Happy Holiday Weekend!!

I am so excited that the hubby is off tomorrow, and we have a long family weekend!

It’s been overcast, hot and muggy here in San Diego lately. We have had a major influx of ants the last few days…….YUCK! I began my morning by feeling something crawling on my face, lovely! I picked whatever this disgusting thing was off my face, only to discover ants crawling on my pillow and nightstand! What a lovely way to start my day! Things have progressed nicely from that point on at least.

As we enter in to the weekend, I thought I would leave you with a little of this and that, a few of my favorites of the moment.

I just discovered the Lemon Tree Dwelling blog. I have already compiled my list of things to make this weekend from here. Check out the Berry Cherry Dip, the Kiwi Berry Salad with Gouda, and the Mediterranean Salsa. YUM!

I love making a festive themed holiday dessert. This one from Food Network looks so tasty!!

Ina Garten's Flag Cake for All American as seen on Food Network's Barefoot Contessa


I tried this dip at my husband’s softball game the other night! It’s one of those that tastes like it shouldn’t be healthy, but is.  I am of fan of anything with Peanut Butter and Honey!

If you are looking for something to wear this weekend, I am loving this off-the-shoulder top from Nordstroms. Love the red and white, and the small pom detail.


I read of review of this MAC ‘lightful C’ 2-in-1 serum and tint with Radiance Booster on Makeupalley. Sounds like a magical product for summer. I can’t wait to try it! Makeup alley is a great resource for product reviews by real users.

If you are looking for a good drugstore brand everyday body lotion, I think I have converted to Lubriderm’s Intense Skin Repair Body Lotion. I love the clean fresh scent, and it’s ultra moisturizing, non-greasy feel.

I am loving this new to me song by Meghan Trainor and John Legend.

Awhile ago I posted about wanting to try Birchbox and Ipsy. I am now two boxes in, and I have to say that I must give Ipsy the leading edge. I find the products to be items that I actually use. I am loving that Ipsy packages their products in a cute, usable bag every month vs. the boxes that Birchbox uses that I never seem to know what to do with. I also feel like you get more for your money with Ipsy. I will post pics of each, when I get my next shipment.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!




Surviving Summer

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post!

Summer time fun is in full effect and I haven’t had much free time to write. I spent a week in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico for my dad’s 70th Birthday.  We began the trip with a list of must see sights. After being in the relaxing mode for a few days, we realized that we should take full advantage of taking the time to truly relax. It is so rare for all of us to be in one location for that length of time. We enjoyed each other’s company and went on a few adventures that were close by. It was such a luxury to get up early every morning to enjoy the peace and quiet with my cup of coffee, and the company of my soon to be sister. An entire week to swim, jump crazy waves, drink fruity cocktails, hang with the giant iguanas, and have lots of dance parties!! Love living in the moment!

This was our backyard for a week:


It was heavenly!

Here are a few pics of what we have been up to since returning home:

An afternoon at Chuck E Cheese (my least favorite place)


Fun with Juggle Bubbles


A quick visit to the Cabrillo National Monument

IMG_4113 IMG_4112

Watching my home run hubby rock it in softball.

IMG_4153 IMG_4152

Don’t you just love it when the towels are warm out of the dryer……..


Here is my date night selfie.🙂 I love this necklace from Loft.


Not much time to cook at home the last few weeks, but here are a few things I have had the chance to squeeze in.

Giant Mexican shrimp from Point Loma Seafood, with roasted veggies, and orzo:

IMG_4119 IMG_4120 IMG_4122

I sautéed the shrimp in olive oil, garlic, and Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin. My mom gave me the idea to sprinkle a little feta cheese over the top. I served them with roasted veggies, and orzo. It was the perfect summer meal, and so easy!

IMG_4185 IMG_4184

I found the recipe for Maple Bacon Pancake Bits, and goat cheese parmesan veggie Frittata muffins on Pinterest. They were both scrumptious! You can find the Maple Bacon Pancake Bits here. Since M is allergic to eggs I use a buttermilk pancake recipe instead. You can use any pancake recipe that you love. The mushroom goat cheese Frittata cups can be found here. You can sub in any veggie or cheese that works for you. I will definitely make both recipes again, either would work great for hosting a large group for brunch.

Now on to sharing a little link love!!

-I admit to watching Girls Next Door back in the day, which is why I am dying to read this new book. I am curious to see what the appeal is with Hugh Hefner and the whole Playboy phenomenon. I thought maybe I was part of the minority, but FYI it is sold out at every Barnes and Noble in San Diego…..

-I want these and these from the Gap. Love the distressed look.

-I bought this dress from Target before our trip. Target dresses end up being my go to in the summer.

-It’s time to re-order this eyeliner for the millionth time. Love the formula! It’s the best smudgy eyeliner I have tried. I re-order Teddy and Powersurge again and again.

-Burt Bees just came out with this, same formula, and the best consistency! I stuck one in each of the kids backpacks for junior lifeguard.

-Check out, “We Tried On Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits and This Is What Happened”.

-I recently made a few photo book gifts. In the past I have always used Shutterfly. Thanks to a recent recommendation (thanks A) I just created two books in iPhoto. They arrived on my doorstep a few days later, in the iconic Apple packaging. I LOVED the convenience of not having to upload my photos to any other website.

Hope you all are having a great summer so far!



A little Catch Up- Link Love



Hello + Happy Weekend!!

So I have been MIA lately. Sometimes I just don’t feel inspired to write, or feel like I have anything interesting to say. I figure why force it. Needless to say, I am feeling inspired to share!

As a family we are headed to Puerto Rico to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday! I am already in vacation mode. Kayaking through the bioluminescent bays is something I have wanted to do for years!! I can’t wait for this adventure!! I am looking forward to beach days, and late nights with lots of laughs!

Which is why this article resonated with me. The end of the school year brings so many emotions. The kids are excited for summer, but they will miss their fabulous teachers and friends dearly. We have been blessed with a pretty incredible year in the school department. I am just trying to keep it all together, with all of the end of year parties, field trips, and gifts, along with working, and getting ready to leave for this trip. All wonderful things, but I am unraveling quickly!

This clinique blush is becoming a favorite. I love it’s fun look, and it has great staying power. Berry Pop is my fav.

Total addiction alert! The new pineapple bracelet from Bourbon and Boweties has quickly become a favorite. I noticed it’s sold out there, but you can also find it here.

Can’t wait to read the follow-up book to Bright Side. I plan on picking up Gus before we leave for our trip. Perfect vacation read!!

With summer just around the corner, I am all about margaritas and fruity vacation cocktails like this one. Strawberries, Pineapple, and Coconut = Yum!!

I have completely bought into the black ripped jeans trend. I love these which also come in a curvy fit.

Snacking on these lately from Target. The honey and chocolate flavors are divine!

Loving this scent, it seems perfect for summer.

I began following this fabulous designer on instagram. Her blog has quickly become a favorite. I have been obsessing over her home design details for months. Check out her blog!

Can’t wait to try out this new polish line by OPI.

As summer approaches, I am looking for something to give me that summer glow. This micro scrub/peel will do wonders.




1.DVRA Black Pina Pouch

Pineapple Passion

Hi there!

I have to share my recent Pineapple Obsession with all of you! If you are in the mood for lighthearted summer resort fashion, or just a fun way to accessorize, pineapple prints are everywhere! I LOVE the DVRA Black Pina Pouch. DVRA is an American made  brand, with tropical fruit and veggie prints. This bag is perfect for a night out, and it’s a definite must have for summer travel. Hope you enjoy my Pineapple picks!













Hope your week has started out great!

P.S. I have been thinking about purchasing an Erin Condren Life Planner. Does anyone have experience with these? I can’t stand not being able to look at the whole month at one time. Converting solely to my phone calendar is just never going to happen, but I am not home enough to rock the kitchen calendar anymore. Thoughts?



Summer Summer Summertime

“Here it is, a groove, slightly transformed, just a bit of the break from the norm”

Ok I just dated myself.

I still love that song EVERY TIME I hear it.

I have put together a list of summer wants.

I love:

  • Anything Gold or Rose Gold
  • The idea of braving the masses to dive into the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line. (Which is Sunday by the way)
  • All things scalloped
  • Anything laser cut
  • Nude Heels
  • Birkenstocks
  • All things neon
  • Jumpsuits
  • Oh yes, and Boyfriend everything


Nude Vince Camuto “Court” ankle strap heels

La Blanca Cover-Up Jumpsuit in Black

Green Lush Scalloped Lace Camisole

Gold Asymmetrical Layered Necklace

Pearly hazel Birkenstock Sandal

Neon Yellow Zip Leather Crossbody

Neon Dip-Dye A-Line Tank

Black Laser Cut “Deva” Handbag

Ipanema “Neo Love” Rose Gold Flip Flop

Boyfriend Jeans

Be sure to check out this link to see what will be offered in the new Lilly Pullitzer line.

One last thing. I recently subscribed to a fun blog called The Glitter Guide.  I love hearing about her “daily dose of glitter”. I can’t wait to make these  Cookie Dough Ice Cream bites! They are great for raw cookie dough lovers. I am always on the hunt for egg-free treats for the kids. My sweet boy is still allergic to eggs. Hoping one day he will grow out of it!!





Long Post Warning!

Long Post Warning!

Hi there!

It has been awhile since I have had a chance to post my monthly favorites!

I have been dealing with a major home construction project (not my  own), along with doing my regular job, and I had the honor of throwing a couples shower for my brother, and his fiancé. In the middle of that, my kids had their spring break, and my husband was offered a new job. What a whirlwind!! N and I have spent the last four years working side by side, so this is a bittersweet deal for our family. I feel so blessed to have had this time together. Owning your own business can be challenging, and I feel that we have both grown so much from this process. I will never forget this crazy adventure.  As our week comes to an end, we took some time today to go for a long walk on the beach. We feel so lucky to have a life filled with so much love.

IMG_3569 IMG_3570

Here are a few pics from the recent couples shower. If you live in the San Diego area, and ever need a caterer for a fiesta, be sure to call the San Diego Taco Company. My mom and I visited their fun restaurant, Salud, before making our final decision. The process was seamless from start to finish, and the food was AMAZING!! Everything  from the tortillas chips, to the churros, were made from scratch on site. Don’t miss their fish tacos and Mexican Corn!

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Now for my favorite product finds………


1 & 2. Mac Nymphette- I stopped by the Mac counter to pick up a refill on my mascara. I ended up leaving with this perfect summer gloss. I love the combo of the pink and shimmery gold. It is very sheer, and could easily be layered over your favorite nude lip color.

3. Mario Badescu Glycolic Skin Renewal Complex– A few month ago I received large size samples of a few Mario B products. I am completely hooked. This is a lightweight moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and nourished.

4. Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream– A great daily moisturizer for the under eye area. It’s not too greasy, yet really moisturizing. I notice that my under eye concealer does not settle into my lines as much with this product.

5. Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum– I use this every other night after washing my face. The combo of these three products has really changed my skin. I feel much more confident in how my skin looks and feels, especially without a drop of make-up on. Now that I am closer to 40 rather than 30, having the right skin care routine is something I am constantly on the hunt for.

6. Mac Technokohl Eyeliner in Brass Band– The perfect bronzy-gold eyeliner. I love to use this on my bottom lash line to brighten up the eye area.

7. Loreal Total Repair 5 Extraordinary Oil– I recently had my hair done with an ombre hair color look.  I needed a nourishing product to put on my hair every morning to protect it from the elements. This product is fabulous!! I went out and bought the shampoo and conditioner in the line as well. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

8. If you haven’t noticed, Birkenstocks have made a comeback in a huge way. I love this combination of the floral print on a comfortable shoe. I have gotten a ton of compliments on these, and I love that they were $24.99 vs. $100 that one would pay for the Birkenstock brand. You can find them here.

9. Maybelline Brow Drama–  Sometimes I find that an eyebrow pencil looks too unnatural on me. I love this drugstore find. It adds a bit of color, and controls my wild brows. Perfect for an everyday natural look.

10. Mac Haute and Naughty Mascara– This Mascara rocks! It comes with two wands, to create two different looks. The smaller wand is great for everyday wear, and the larger creates that dramatic evening look. What a fun concept! I always get sucked in at the Mac counter!!

11. Chicos So Slimming Black Jeggings-I know how some of you feel about Chicos. It is the total mom brand. I have to say that had my mom shops here, and had it not have been for her, I would not have entered the store. That being said, I continue to find my favorite “mom” jeans there. The So Slimming line is my fav! They have created the perfect slim fitting jeans for me! These are perfect for the days when you need to have a bit more of a polished look. You won’t understand unless you go check them out for yourself.  Go ahead! I dare you!

12. Chicos So Slimming Girlfriend Jeans– Same deal. These come in so many fun colors, and look great with your favorite converse or sandals. I am hooked!

One LAST thing! I am thinking about signing up for Birchbox or Ipsy. I would love to hear your thoughts on which one is best and why.:)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!



What I made Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Last week our kids were out of school for spring break. For the first time, we decided to take the kids to Disneyland, and actually spend a few days staying at the Disneyland Hotel. I would highly recommend doing this! Usually we just drive up for the day, stay as long as we can stand it, and drive home late that night. We were so much more relaxed, and this way actually felt like a vacation. Minnie was there to greet us in the lobby, and the pools and water slides kept the kids entertained for hours. N and I actually had a cocktail poolside while the kids were swimming! We had a blast!!

IMG_3391IMG_3399  IMG_3400 IMG_3397


Needless to say, after eating Disney food and treats for a few days, I was ready for some clean eating when we returned home. 

In celebration of my hubby getting a new and fantastic job, we had family over for dinner. I have a new found love for salmon.  It has quickly become one of my favorites things to eat.



I found this specific recipe here. It was an absolute hit. I can definitely see making it over and over again.



Along with the salmon, I made a corn and asparagus salad, and the best quinoa I have ever had.

Not only was this meal beautiful, it was super healthy, and full of so many yummy flavors!

For dessert I made Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter Banana Pops. They were so good that I forgot to take a picture of them. If you love bananas and chocolate, you will love these. I actually found Justin’s Maple Almond butter to use in this recipe. That may have had something to do with the deliciousness!! Seriously they were so good.

Last night N was out for Beer Club with the guys, and this is what sounded good for dinner.



I saw the recipe on the Trendsurvivor blog .

I added rotisserie chicken to mine for a little extra protein.  Amy’s Brand Organic Refried Black beans are my fav. I can eat them by the spoonful. For this recipe you add a little almond butter to the beans, which gives them a hint of sweetness.  I found pre-chopped Kale at the grocery. I added a handful of Kale, along with some chopped basil to the avocado mixture.

I couldn’t finish the whole thing! It was incredibly satisfying!

Hope these recipes give you a little inspiration. I am far from a food blogger, but I do love to share great recipes!!

Hope you have a great rest of your week!!



On my radar



I  noticed this pic on Facebook today, and thought it was quite appropriate since we are headed on a little family adventure, for I’s and M’s spring break. N and I have had several discussions about whether to take the kids anywhere for their break. We are doing a lot of traveling throughout the rest of the year, so we knew that if we did anything it would have to be something simple.

Ultimately we decided to take an overnight trip. Our kids are growing so fast, and I feel like we have to take every opportunity to do something memorable as a family. So off the Disneyland we go!!

I wanted to share with you a few things that are on my radar at the moment:

1. Easy Spring recipes- Made this Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad the other night. It was easy, super filling, and full of great flavors.



I added pink grapefruit from this yummy recipe


to the Sriracha Chicken salad (weird I know), but it was so tasty with the Himalayan salt, and citrus dressing.

2. Anything blush or nude colored- especially tank tops and heels. I love this look by Damsel in Dior!

C1200_PK5947 ok

Love the new Hawaii polish collection by OPI.  Check out Do you take Lei Away?.


3. Everything Floral- You can find all three of these items at Nordstroms.  The off-the-shoulder look is making a huge comeback.

_9912561 _10173586 _10081345

Hope everyone remembers to wear green!! I just hung bags of gold chocolate coins on both kids’ door handles. The lucky leprechaun has been here to spread the love!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!





Can you believe the first week of March has already passed? We are headed into opening day weekend for softball, and rookies. I am so excited about all of the fun and exciting things we have coming up!

I had to share all of the new spring things I am loving!


I received two bracelets from my favorite new brand, Bourbon and Boweties, for my birthday. I am not sure that I could ever have enough of these stackable beauties. I plan on adding a few more to my collection soon! They are so versatile, and comfortable to wear. I love small business success stories, and this brand is definitely one to follow!


If you are looking to have a cheat day, make these decadent baked bloomin’ apples! They were scrumptious! Trader Joes has the best salted caramels, and greek yogurt vanilla ice cream to top. I found the recipe here. I promise you will not be disappointed.



My first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  As soon as I saw the “Rodillo Wedge”, I knew I had to have them. The laser cut-outs, wedge heel, and lace up ties made them an instant favorite, and the fact that they are comfortable to walk in is a bonus!


Free gifts always feel like such a treat. I love going to Sephora during my birthday month, to pick up my Beauty Insider birthday gift. I stopped by to pick up the face peel I spoke about here. I also picked up a sample of the Algenist Tripe Action Micropolish & Peel, which feels like a great exfoliating scrub that leaves your face feeling so smooth and clean.

My lovely birthday gift included this pack of two Nars lip pencils, Rikugien, a satin mauve color, and Dragon Girl, a matte siren red color. I probably would never have purchased these two pencils on my own, but I really love how easy they are to apply, and the rich colors.


Cardamom is my favorite spice. I love the way it smells and tastes. Maybe it’s my middle eastern heritage that makes me love this intoxicating scent. It has such an exotic quality to it. I wish more beauty products and skincare companies scented their goods with cardamom. I am searching for a good cardamom lotion…..anyone???

IMG_3329 IMG_3330

Typically my shoe wardrobe consists of Converse, flip-flops, and athletic shoes. It was time for me to add a few new pairs to the fun, date night, section of my closet. These Vince Camuto heels are great with just about everything.


I picked up this Bobbie Brown Lip Balm  with my mom recently. This rose scented thick balm, is great for not only your lips, but for any dry spot on your face. If I feel like my eye make-up settles into my lines too much, I use a little of this to hydrate. It is not greasy or sticky, and is long lasting.



Ok so this was one of those impulse I am standing in the check-out lane, and starving buys. Whoever thought of this mixture is a genius! Salty pretzels, with chewy cranberries, crunchy spicy ginger cookie, almonds, rice crispies, and covering them in white chocolate =perfection!! This did not help my cutting out more sugar diet!

On a side note, I have been thinking a lot lately about my path in life. Growing up I had such a strong passion for certain directions. Somewhere along the way, I lacked the confidence to pursue those more complex roads. As an adult, it is difficult to think about pursuing those ideas now. I feel that I am finally coming into my own, and am beginning to think about what life could look like. I feel extremely fulfilled as a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend, but I have begun thinking about all the years I will have on my own, when my children leave the nest. I only hope that I will be able to give my children the tools they need to pursue those hard to reach goals, and to believe in themselves.

The potentials are endless!! We have to always remind ourselves of that!

Happy Saturday!